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9 Key Challenges For Housebuilders Today

Ideas To Help Solve Them



Housebuilders are facing unprecedented challenges; material prices, labour shortages, productivity, the net-zero agenda and more.

Times are tough in housebuilding, and it's only going to get tougher. 

This FREE guide discusses the 9 key challenges faced in the built environment and offers insight into what can be done to mitigate the impact on your business.

Overcoming The Issues Facing The Industry 

NHBC and HBF have recognised a plethora of issues facing the sector.

With regular dialogue with those developers and housebuilders, we're becoming more aware of the issues almost every day, too.

Finding means of addressing them will be revolutionary for your business.

This guide highlights the importance of choosing high-quality products, why opting for more sustainable materials is better for your bottom line, and how a local supply chain can keep your projects ahead of schedule. 

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Key Industry Findings

You're not the only developer that has struggled to source materials in the last 12 months...

Alongside an uncontrollable rate of inflation and energy costs rising by 80%, is your business prepared for what 2023 and beyond might hold?

It's important to start thinking about addressing these concerns before cash flow concerns or material delays become even more common and you're faced with financial penalties. 

This guide is the start of the journey to gain a competitive and commercial edge so you can start 2023 without any concerns. 

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