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Staircase Style & Design Guide

Select The Best Staircase Design For Your Housebuild Project



Each staircase in your project is an opportunity to enhance your property value.  

The right staircase design maximises the potential value of your project while staying within budget. To optimise these benefits, your staircase design needs to go beyond aesthetics and encompasses compliance and safety. 

This FREE Staircase Design and Style Guide covers the latest staircase design trends and tips, and discusses all the important considerations that contribute to a successful staircase design. 

Optimise Your Project Value With The Right Staircase 

The right staircase offers much more than mere aesthetics, it could be a profit driver.

This guide will reveal the critical design considerations essential for your project planning, to make schedule control and project management easier. 

Step by step, we will navigate through the latest trends, intricate details of staircase designs, insights into building regulations, fire safety, and learn how to strategically plan your staircase project to maximise its benefits.
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Staircase style and design guide

Why Staircase Design Matters? 

In a recent UK survey, 73% agreed that a well-designed staircase can transform their perception of a property, while 71% believe it plays a significant role in increasing home sales.

A neglected staircase is a missed opportunity.

You may think design is all about the looks, but truth is it goes far beyond aesthetics.

It involves careful consideration of regulations, safety, budget considerations, time management, and meticulous planning—all crucial elements that must harmonise seamlessly.

Download this guide now to get the invaluable insights on how to strike the perfect balance and select the right staircase for your house build project for the best results. 

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